The 30-Day Challenges Lyric & Creativity Bundle

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Seriously supercharge your songwriting skills with The 30-Day Challenges Bundle, containing:

     - The 30-Day Lyric Writing Challenge

     - The 30-Day Creativity Challenge

Both eBooks will be available for instant download in ePub, PDF and MOBI formats, allowing you to read them on any major device - including Kindle, iPad, Nook and Kobo.

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Introducing The 30-Day Lyric Writing Challenge: a thirty-day bootcamp expertly designed to take your lyric writing skills to the next level.

You’ll practice finding rhymes under pressure. You’ll practice writing phrases that sound effortless and conversational. You’ll practice opening up to connect more deeply with your audience.

But most of all: unlike the usual songwriting drills and exercises these challenges aren’t about colouring in between the lines. They’re about drawing the lines – practicing the real-life skills every lyricist has to master to create bold and meaningful lyrics out of nothing.

Ready to transform your lyric writing skills for good in only ten minutes each day?

Take The 30-Day Lyric Writing Challenge and get ready to write smarter, faster and more confidently than you ever have before.


Creativity isn’t just for artists.

It’s for entrepreneurs who want to think differently, it’s for employees who want to make a great impression, it’s for people who want to be better at relationships, and it’s for anyone who wants to live a more interesting, more rewarding life.

And here’s the good news: creativity is a skill you learn, not a talent you have. In fact, it’s a skill you develop by practicing it, day after day after day.

Enter The 30-Day Creativity Challenge : a thirty-day bootcamp designed to supercharge your creativity through thirty unique 10-minute challenges.

You’ll be challenged to think of twenty unusual things to do with household items, you’ll turn bare sketches into interesting images, you’ll reflect on your life’s biggest challenges, your most deeply held beliefs and the things you’ve never done before but should.

If you’re someone who’s ever said “I’m just not creative” or you just like to be challenged to think outside the box, The 30-Day Creativity Challenge is for you.

  • Immediate Digital Download of THE 30-DAY CHALLENGES BUNDLE

  • $12
  • Immediate Digital Download of THE 30-DAY CHALLENGES BUNDLE
  • $12
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The 30-Day Challenges Lyric & Creativity Bundle

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